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Rubinsky Works

We are thrilled to present the largest paint by numbers card we’ve ever done, and a beautiful project we’ve loved working on with the ever talented Rubinsky Works, hand printed by Kid Icarus. Madison Holler is the artist behind Rubinski Works and designer of this print! Madison’s work provides commentary on traditions of her share Dutch, Scandinavian, and Anishinaabe heritage with an emphasis on folklore.

INCLUDED IN THIS KIT: Rubinski Works paint by numbers print 10x10” Beam Paints paint card and Instructions card.
YOU WILL NEED: A Paintbrush, Water, Painters tape (Optional: for taping edges of print down to avoid warping)
INSTRUCTIONS: Follow paint by numbers diagram above to re-create painting as shown in the example, OR go rogue and work to the beat of your own drum regarding color order, the only requirement is; have fun!