Safe Painting

MSDS Sheets

As the child of artists, throughout my life safety around materials has been paramount. When I was expecting my sons, I looked for ways to keep painting without using toxic materials. This led to the development of a plant-based oil painting medium and paints that do not use heavy metals as pigment sources. I do not use cadmium lead or otherwise toxic materials. 

Beam Paints has joined the ACMI and are in the process of obtaining our seal for all our colours, this involves extensive third party testing, so its taking a while to get through all of the colours, and we keep adding more! But check out our page Kids Paint page where you can find all the colours that we have had approved as not toxic or hazardous, and conform to LHAMA and ASTM-D4236 as per testing and toxicology reports by Duke University and ACMI the Art and Creative Materials Institute

. We provide the pigment codes so you can make informed choices. When no pigment codes are available, it is an earth pigment or a pigment we have gathered ourselves. 

In all cases, there is no substitution for caution. Even the most inert substance is harmful when airborne as dust, and many compounds carry the risk of increased sensitivity over years of continued use. 

Our basic safety motto is a bit humorous, but meant to engage your sensibility-


In addition, do not smoke, use while eating, contact with skin, or sand without a respirator :)