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St Armand Papeterie

newest add! Mini 3 and 1/4 inch by 2 and 3/4 inch canal paper packs. We have made them available as we went back to using waxed cloth for our paints and also found that st Armand had discontinued this amazing paper after selling the mill, it will be made again hopefully in the future by a new maker but for now this is it! St Armand will continue their magic handmade sheets, this only effects Canal paper. Available in 10 and 20 sheets. 

I am thrilled for many reasons to be able to offer this exquisite, handmade paper in our shop! Not least is that some of my earliest memories were of visiting the papeterie with my parents in my youth, and the long standing paper relationships our family has had with Papeterie St Armand! Now the best part! It’s the best paper! Small, all deckle 4”x 5” sweet little journals! And Canal Pads! A great cube or circle of paper in a pad form with one sweet deckle edge! N’importe Quoi, the beautiful variety of colourful off cuts from all the paper they make! 

Please note the min-journals have paper for writing pen and pencil, you can watercolour it too but it’s thinner like journal papers. Also, N’importe Quoi packs measure 7x10.5”, however, the papers inside are a range of colours and sizes, from very, very small to the size of the pack. A work of art in itself!