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Paintstone Palettes

New Spring

Turtle belly, cloudless sulphur, morning Peach,  Salish Sea, ultra grey, Prussian blue
La Cloche Palette

Four colours of paintstones inspired by the LaCloche Mountain range, just north of Manitoulin. This was where I learned how to hunt for hematite red pigment with my dad. The purples remind me of how the mountains look from the distance on the island.  Set of 4 includes Mars Violet, Violet, Lavender, Blueberry Mountain

Healthy Forests Palette

Four colours of the deep summer forest.

Set of 4 includes Spring Green, Robin's Egg Blue, Pine, and Boreal Green.

Mountain Lake Palette

This palette is inspired by lakeside views. Set of 5 includes Almost Night, Milkweed, Lake Huron Teal, Robin's Egg Blue and Sky Blue. 

Mountain Streams Palette

The colours of sky, forest and rock reflecting in mountain streams form this palette. Set of 4 includes Mars Violet, Harvest Wheat, Boreal Green and Sky Blue.

Spectrum 11 Palette

This palette is a spectrum of some of our most popular colours. Choose to paint the rainbow, or mix any two together to create a wide range of hues. Set of 11 includes Summer Sun Red, Magenta, Peach, Pumpkin, Fall Poplar Yellow, Spring Green, Robin’s Egg Blue, Great Ocean, Almost Night, Blueberry Mountain and Gold. This set is also available as a Travel Card or Birch Mini-Cookie. 

Plein Air Palette

A set inspired by the paintstone collection of @dannaray  

Check out her feed for absolutely stunning en plein air! Set of 15 includes Boreal Green, Prussian Blue, Almost Night, Grey Ultra, Spring Green, Sky Blue, Ice Blue, Lavender, Milkweed, Limestone White, Wild Rose, Beach Rose, Fall Poplar Yellow, Summer Sun Red.

Gouache 11 Palette

This set features gouache colours, which work well for layering or painting on darker paper as they are more opaque than transparent. Set of 11 includes Wild Rose, Morning Peach, Cream, Butter, Spring Green, Robin's Egg Blue, Ice Blue, Lavender, Grey Ultra, Limestone White and Gold. 

This set is also available as a Travel Card or Birch Mini-Cookie.