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Beam Travel Card

If you’ve been looking to try Beam Paints, but have found the shipping costs bothersome, this is for you! These dot cards have samples of our favourite colours, and ship in a stamped envelope worldwide.

You can also send this colourful surprise to a friend today. Add a note to let them know you are thinking of them! Just write your note in the Special Instructions section at checkout.

NOTE! This item ordered alone will not trigger shipping charges or info to be collected so you will have to enter the address you want it to go to in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout. Please don’t email later as it will get very confusing for us and we won’t be able to keep offering this!

Note: Due to a busy postal system, shipping times have increased. A recent lettermail to Seattle was one month. Just to give you an outside idea, that is as far as you can get from our little island in the USA. Not too bad :)

Spectrum 11 Travel Card

Niibin Giizis’aande-Summer Sun Red-Pr 170

Wiigwaasmin’aande-Cherry Red PR122 

Kosmaan-Pumpkin-Pr 170-PY74 

Kizheb’aande- Morning Peach-Ochre pw6

Dwaagi aadzibuk’aande-Fall Poplar Yellow-PY74

Ziigwun’aande-Spring Green- PY74, PB15.1

Piitchi waawnun’aande-Robin’s Egg Blue- PG7, PW6

Gchigaaming’aande-Great Ocean- PB29

Geygah Nakshek-Almost Night PB15.1

Gaatchi’Waaskonense’aande-Lavender PV23 PW6

Classic Gold 

Gouache on Dark St Armand Paper

Ginii’aande-Wild Rose PR122, PW6

Chiigbii’Giinii’aande-Beach Rose PW6, PR122

Kizheb’aande-Morning colour (peach)ochre PR101, PW6


Zhaaw’bmide’aande-Butter-PY74, PW6

Mememgwanh’waaskoneh’aande-Milkweed(butterfly  flower colour) PY74, PB15.1, PW6 

Piitchii Waawnun’aande-Robins Egg PG7, PW7

Mkwum’aande-Ice colour PB29, PW6

Giizh’gaande-Sky Colour PB15.1 PW6

Gaatchi’Waaskonense-Lavender PV23, PW6 

Ngwanquat-Grey Ultra (cloud) PB29, PR 101, PY74, PW6



Yellow Bush Bean, Painted Turtle Belly, Wild Cherry, and Ultra Grey

Wild Greens

boreal, pine, spring green, Salish sea