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Solstice Handmade Kits

Solstice Handmade features original designs inspired by hidden-in-plain-sight species of plants, animals, insects and more. 

Beam Paints has teamed up with Solstice handmade to offer a Beginner’s Watercolour Kit while housing two other kits with loads of fun and coffee! 

Beginner’s Watercolour Kit: access to a professionally recorded 60min video, Beam Mixing Trio Watercolour Sample Card, Paintbrush, pencil, watercolour paper, a mini print

Beginner’s Botanical Kit: access to a professionally recorded 60min video, tombow fudenosuki brush pen, tombow mono pen, pencil, drawing paper, a mini print

Paint with Coffee + Tea: access to a professionally recorded 80min video, palette, watercolour paper, brush, paper cups for preparing paints, re-useable cotton tea bags, butterfly pea flower tea from Woven Apothecary, Ground Coffee, a mini print