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 Paintstones are lightfast pigments, tree sap, and gum Arabic. 

When I make paint I think about my Dad a lot, he taught me when I was really small to identify hematite and look for paintstones. He kept them in his art bag in a little cloth wrapper, and when he needed paint he brought them out and prepared his paint for ceramic bowls, drums, or rocks. I really wanted something of my paint making practice to share the tactile joy of the physicality of paint, and this is it! 

These little jewels are also about our values and support our respect for the earth and being plastic free. They are wrapped in beeswaxed cotton with paper labels identifying the color name and are our answer to halfpans! They are 7/8 inch across from edge to edge of the wrapper and 5/8 inch across the paint. Free your art kit!!!
The colors below are also third party tested by Duke university for ACMI Art and Creative Materials Institute to the ASTM-D4236 to be suitable for use by children so you can feel confident choosing Beam Paints for the littlest artists 

Odemin-Strawberry Red-PR170

Wiigwaasmin’aande-Cherry Magenta PR122

Fireweed- PR122, Mica

Mshikenh Misud-Turtle Belly- PR122, PY3

Maudji Nme’gonse-Wild Salmon PR170-Mica 

Mars Violet-PR101

Beachsand- PR122- ethical mica

Chiigbii Giinii’aande-Beach Rose- PR122, PW6

Ginii Aande-Wild Rose-Pr122, PW6

Harvest Wheat-PY43

Kosmaan’aande-Pumpkin PY74, PR170

Pumpkin Spice, PY74, PR170, Mica 

Qwejigun-Bread-PY43, PR170

Kizheb’aande-Morning Peach-PR74, PR170, PW6

Doodooshabo’aande-Cream PW6

Dwaagi’Azaadibuk’aande (fall poplar yellow, Hansa PY74)

Cloudless Sulphur-PY3 hansa light

Zhaawbmide-Butter PY74, PW6

Memmemgwanh Waaskoneh’aande -Milkweed (butterfly flower) PB15.1, PY74, PW6 

Ziigwun’aande (spring green PB15.1 PY74)

Fiddlehead PY74, PB15.1 mica

Shingwauk’aande-Pine PB15.1 PY74

Rainforest-PB15.1, PY74, Mica

Salish Sea-PG7


Robins Egg Blue PG7, PW6

Lake Huron Teal PG7

Lake Superior PB29, Mica

Topaz Lake PG50

Geygaa Naakshek'aande (almost night PB 15.1)

Mkwum Ziibiihns-Glacial Rivers- PB15.1, Ethical Mica

Prussian Blue-PB27

Gchigaaming’aande(Great Ocean PB29)

Giizhgaande-Sky Blue PB15.1, PW6

Mkwum’aande-Ice Blue PB29, PW6

 Waaskonense -Violet (small flower) PB15.1, PV23

Miin’aande Azhbikoong (blueberry mountain )PV23

 Gaatchi Waaskonense-Lavender (tiny small flower) PV23, PW6 

Zhoomin’aande-Grape PV15

Amethyst-PV23, Mica

Chi’ngwaankwat-(Very Cloudy) Payne’s Grey-PB29, PY43, PR170

Ngwanquat-cloud Ultra grey- PB29, PY43, PR170, PW6

Zhiibiigun’Aazhbik-Slate ( society of French ochres earth)

Zhiibiigun’atik-Graphite PBK10

Orca, PBK10, Mica 

Bboon Naakshek-Wintery Night PB15.1, PY 164, ethical mica


Awun (fog) Grey Ocher (Society of French Ochres earth)

Konse'aande-Cub Brown- PY164

Brown/Red Clay- gathered clay 

Burnt Sienna, PBR7 

Nibiiwzih Mkwuh- Wet Grizzly -Py 164, ethical mica

Mkdeh’aande Mars Black PBK11

Limestone White PW6

Shell- Mica 

Silver- Aluminum pigment

Classic Gold- bronze pigment