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Painters Deluxe Mini Kits

Imagine our delight when we found our paints fit perfectly in the kaweco vintage style tins! We’ve paired one of their deliciously skatey sport fountain pens with our super new travel brush, and when we cut the insert we could fit 6 Paintstones perfectly, all nestled with our beeswaxed cloth wrapper! The pens (and all new Kaweco pens) come with a cartridge upside down and inserted in the cap of the pen! It can be quite snug and hard to see but it’s in there! Please check for it first and remove it, turn it right ways ( the flat end faces the back of the pen and push it in till it clicks)

Firecracker- Red Sport with Classic Gold, Orca, Silver, Fireweed, Wild Salmon, and Strawberry

Summer Camp- forest green sport with -Boreal, spring green,  Fall poplar yellow, Magenta, harvest wheat and Prussian Blue 

 Fox/Warmth -  Fox sport with Grey Ultra, Cream, Dreamers Gold, Harvest Wheat, Mars Violet, and Strawberry

 1959- Red sport with Strawberry, Pumpkin, Cream, Morning Peach, Almost Night, and Wintery Night

Dusk- Morning Peach, Pumpkin, Fireweed, Wintery Night, Almost Night, Blueberry Mountain

Spring Sunrise-Morning Peach, Pumpkin, Wild Salmon, Fireweed, Wild Rose, Amethyst

Misty Forest- Burnt Siena, Boreal, Pine, Salish Sea, Grey Ochre, Limestone White  

sold as shown or if you have paint colours you prefer just tell us in the ‘special instructions box’ at checkout, we cant swap pen colors