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Tis'gan 6

The Tisgan 6. Its back! taking its name from the Ojibwe phrase Tisgan or put colour on it. Made with linen generously sent to us by Lake August printed and beeswaxed in our shop in M'chigeeng First Nation. This travel case is designed to help you travel with your colours in a plastic free way! Tie closure made with hide from deer hunted for sustenance.

THESE ARE SOLD EMPTY:) by popular demand for cases and custom colour groupings.  they are shown with colours for example. And can fit up to 8 colours snugly 

The print ‘Canyon’ is shown with warmer tone colours, Cherry Magenta, Turtle Belly, Bread, Fall Poplar Yellow, Morning Peach, and Harvest Wheat

and ‘Brooke’ is shown with Sky Blue, Almost Night, Graphite, Great Ocean, Boreal, Milkweed