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The Japanese Paper Place x Beam Paints!

we have teamed up with The Japanese Paper Place to create these amazing and new Postcard Packs! there are three different variations, the postcard pack, the perfect pack and the perfect pack DELUXE. all packs include a travel palette, a paint brush and an assortment of curated Japanese Papers.

from the Japanese Paper Place: 

"To make the finest Japanese papers, fresh running water, the right soil, and skilled hands are all essential. The special knowledge needed to form perfect sheets of washi is passed from generation to generation, often within the same family. Likewise Beam Paints are the result of a lifetime of creative exploration, and a deep love and respect for the natural world. They are the creation of Indigenous entrepreneur Anong Beam.

These paints and natural Japanese papers seem to be made for one another! Many years ago in the early days of the Japanese Paper Place, Anong's father, renowned artist Carl Beam, would come to the shop and purchase washi for his work, and for his daughter. His love and appreciation of Japanese paper has been passed to Anong.

We are thrilled to continue this relationship and to share wit you this collaboration between the Japanese Paper Place and Beam Paints."