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Beam Interior

Mission Paint! Make a paint with no…I mean zero VOC’s zero petrochemical ingredients, no latex, no plastics, no acrylics! Instead use only Canadian hemp, Manitoulin limestone, sustainably hand harvested and processed clays, soy, and iron…..make that paint clean up with water and dishsoap and dry waterproof! challenge accepted! Why? Because we live on an island in a lake in the center of the Great Lakes, because we deserve a paint to surround us in our daily lives that lives up to our expectations for health and sustainable stewardship of the planet.

Enjoy painting a room with no chemical smell! No petrochemical scents, just the grassy wet stone smell of rain on a mountain. 

Semi gloss with two coats. Dry to touch inside 12 hours full cure 24-48 hours. Can paint over existing acrylic and latex paints. Other than that we are all breaking new ground together and we appreciate your feedback and support!

our first color “Peach Rose” is made with hand gathered local Manitoulin red clay and limestone. It paints on lightly and dries to a warm peach rose hue. 

Mix well before use, use on well primed or prepainted surface for the most even results, and be safe don’t eat the paint.

ingredients: Water, Hemp Oil, Limestone , Red Clay, White Clay, Soy, Iron. Beam Paints Patent Pending. available in 1oz tester, 1 pint, 1 gallon.

price shown includes shipping to door via UPS