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Cedar Forest Colours

Weathered Cedar branches from the forest floor, carved into mini, half pan, and full pan holders for our 100% pigment and binder watercolours. Lightfast and Professional. Finished with warm beeswax. Plastic free, Handmade in M’Chigeeng First Nation. Delight your senses and free your art kit! 


Wiigwaasmin’aande-Cherry Magenta PR122

Maudji Nmehgonse-Wild Salmon PR170, Mica

Mshikenh Misud-Turtle Belly- PR122, PY3

Chiigbii Giinii’aande-Beach Rose- PR122, PW6

Ginii Aande-Wild Rose-Pr122, PW6

Harvest Wheat-PY43

Kosmaan’aande-Pumpkin PY74, PR170

Qwejigun-Bread-PY43, PR170

Kizheb’aande-Morning Peach-PR74, PR170, PW6

Dwaagi’Azaadibuk’aande (fall poplar yellow, Hansa PY74)

Ziigwun’aande (spring green PB15.1 PY74)

Shingwauk’aande-Pine PB15.1 PY74

Robins Egg Blue PG7, PW6

Lake Huron Teal PG7

Gchigaaming’aande(Great Ocean PB29)

 Gaatchi Waaskonense-Lavender (tiny small flower) PV23, PW6 

Timberwolf-PB29, PY43, PR170

Ngwanquat-cloud Ultra grey- PB29, PY43, PR170, PW6

Nibiiwzih Mkwuh- Wet Grizzly-