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Painty Holiday Cards!

Painty Christmas Cards! Mino Nibaanaamaang! Is how you say happy holidays in Ojibwe, it means happy time of prayer or contemplation. These beautiful cards are made by @quillspaper and we’ve added 11 lovely colours from our spectrum 11 to the pine tree and:

Holiday Lights! 11 samples of our favourite colours on a beautiful card made by Quills Paper with Dreamers Gold, Turtle Belly, Milkweed, Wintery Night, Cherry Magenta, Beachsand, Bread, Cub Brown, Pine Green, Wet Grizzly, and Pumpkin Spice! Card blank inside, text on front says, Mino Nibaanamaang, meaning happy time of prayer or contemplation in Ojibwe

Pine Bough with sparkly mica watercolors!