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Manitoulin Handstitch Quilts

In the southwest part of Manitoulin is a wonderful Mennonite family, a mother and her children handsewing amazing quilts. I have saved up and purchased these beautiful works of art for my family, and we all sleep so cozy under these massive light weight quilts (never a draft!) after we all had them, I still wanted to support this level of craftsmanship, with the limitations we have all had this year the quilting family can’t go to markets, and I decided to post a few for them! All sale goes to the family and boxing shipping costs.

I love the designs and especially to see them do the  
eight pointed star. It is a protective geometry for many indigenous people, for the Ojibwe it represents hope and the totality of the universe showing the suns path at both winter and summer solstice and spring and fall equinox.